Thursday, February 13, 2020

Huge UFO Spotted over KC February 6, 2020

Drawing of UFO

A huge unidentified flying object was spotted over Kansas City, Missouri at 7:45 pm on February 6, 2020. 

Close up
Missouri MUFON Assistant State Director Margie Kay went out for a few minutes at 7:45 pm and noticed a huge craft west of her position at 23rd Street and Noland Road in Independence. It appeared like the object was only a mile away and larger than a 747. There were brilliant white lights all over the craft and one red light on the left side. The lights were reflecting off of shiny silver metal which appeared to be in a cigar shape.

At first, Kay thought it was a plane landing at the Downtown Kansas City airport, and it would have needed to turn in order to do so, but soon realized that it was flying very low - at approximately 2,000 feet or lower and slow-moving from North to South at it was gigantic. It did not turn in the direction (west) it would have needed to land.

The object then either disappeared or turned all of its lights out before Kay could obtain video. Margie immediately called Jean Walker, KC Section Director for Missouri MUFON, and found that she had just seen the same object in the western skies from her position at 57th and Sterling Avenue, which is two miles closer to the object. Both women observed the object for 20-30 seconds.

With this information from the two locations, the investigators have determined that the object was approximately three miles from 23rd and Noland Rd in Independence, making it absolutely huge - perhaps four or five times the size of a commercial airliner.

Other witnesses: Two other witnesses from Blue Springs, including a MUFON investigator, and one witness from Sugar Creek also reported seeing the same object on the same night at approximately the same time. Another witness who was at 40 Hwy and Sterling saw an object of the exact same description and location on Monday, February 10. 

The witness in Sugar Creek also heard a horrible loud mechanical noise on February 11 and went outside to see what it was. She found many of her neighbors outside looking up but no one could see anything. The sound continued for several minutes. We don't know if there is any connection to the February 6 and 10 sightings. 

Kansas City MUFON is investigating this case and would like to hear from other persons who may have seen this object. Please contact Margie Kay at 816-833-1602 or or Jean Walker at

Missouri MUFON is a chapter of the International Mutual UFO Network

Bird Morphs into a UFO

Photo of a Hawk from Google
On February 11, 2020 Valerie Hoover called to tell me that she had just had a bizarre sighting over her property in Sugar Creek, Missouri. 

At approximately 3:00 - 3:15 pm Valerie was outside on her back porch.  She looked up in the sky over the field and thought she saw an eagle, but the head wasn’t white, so she thought it was a hawk. It was circling around just like a hawk. Valerie was afraid it was going to get her small Yorkie,  then it put its wings next to its body as if it were going to soar down, but instead, it formed into a dark round disk-shaped UFO and took off at the speed of light to the Southeast and was out of sight in a second. Valerie realized that whatever she was looking at was definitely not a bird. 

This location is the site of multiple UFO, orb, alien, and unidentified creature sightings not only witnessed by Valerie but by multiple investigators, including myself and KC MUFON Section Director Jean Walker. The house is close to the Missouri River. 

This is the second winged creature sighting at this location (see my other reports). 

Several such winged creature sightings were associated with UFOs or orbs of light at the same time. This is the first event reported in which the flying creature morphed into a UFO. Perhaps these unusual winged creatures are actually not of Earth but are extraterrestrials. Until we get more photos and video this phenomenon will remain unsolved. 


Margie Kay is the DIrector of Quest Paranormal Investigation Group and she is keeping track of winged creatures sightings in the State of Missouri. Please contact her at 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Two independent witnesses see a giant winged creature

01/31/20 Kansas City, Missouri. As she was driving north on Wornall Road in Kansas City, Missouri at 7:50 pm Marlene A. saw a gigantic dark flying bird that looked similar to a pterodactyl. It had a huge beak, long legs with feet, and a wingspan that would have been as wide as the street. The creature flapped its wings several times, then Marlene lost sight of it.

01/31/20 4:30 pm. Pat D. Saw an all black winged bird flying overhead as she drove on College at 119th Street in Overland Park, Kansas. The bird was at treetop level and it was gliding. Pat said that it did not flap its wings and that it looked similar to a raven except much larger. She could not estimate the size, except to say that it was the largest bird she's ever seen. 

Could these two sightings have been related? The two locations are just a few miles apart. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Mysteries of the Universe Conference 2020 (Official Trailer)(HD1080)

Are the Giant Winged Creature Reports Related to UFOs?

To date, Quest Investigation Group has taken 35 reports of giant winged creatures in the state of Missouri, with most sightings occurring near the Missouri River. Several sightings have occurred just before or after UFOs were spotted in the same locations.

In one location at Sugar Creek, Missouri the witness has seen multiple unidentified flying objects, orbs, an alien, and a giant bird with a huge wingspan that was larger than a small plane. This location seems to be a paranormal hot spot, and it is very close to the Missouri River.

In other cases in Missouri, witnesses reported seeing balls of light just prior to or after seeing a gigantic winged creature with bat-like wings. Balls of light have often been associated with UFOs.

During the MothMan sightings in Point Pleasant West Virginia, witnesses reported seeing UFOs over several months. Several people also had visits from Men in Black, which are associated with extraterrestrial visitations.

Could there be a connection between the giant winged creatures and alien craft?  It begs the question: Are these winged creatures actually aliens rather than Earthly beings?


Margie Kay is keeping a record of giant winged creature sightings in the State of Missouri and neighboring states. Please file reports by sending an email to

Giant Winged Creature Report from 1919

The following is from Vern Windsor: 

"Margie, I remember a story my 8th grade teacher told the class about a sighting she had. This would have been around 1919 or 1920. She lived in Camden Missouri at this time. When she was a preteen her family was walking to church when a large winged thing swooped in front of her family, screamed at them, flew around them for a minute and then flew off to the north. She said they walked a little down the road and her mom asked her dad if he saw that thing. Her dad answered her with (paraphrasing here) "don't talk about that! We didn't see anything!" She told us the family tried once a few years later to talk about the flying thing and her dad got mad at them, yelling the same things."

Camden is a town in Ray CountyMissouri, and part of the Kansas City metropolitan area within the United States. The population was 191 at the 2010 census. Camden was a Missouri River boat stop until the early 1900s and the Missouri River's Camden bend was cutoff after major river flooding, moving the new channel south.

Once again, a giant bird was spotted near the Missouri River. If the creatures are using the river as a food source it would make sense that there are so many sightings near the river. 
Quest Investigation Group is keeping a record of giant bird sightings in the State of Missouri. Report sightings by sending an email to Margie Kay 

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Pterodactyl like creature spotted in Jackson County, Missouri

On January 27, 2020, I received a report from a woman regarding several sightings she has had along with her sister.

The sisters live near an undisclosed lake area in Jackson County: R.H. and her sisters have seen a giant bird four times since 2016. The first time it was spotted sitting out on the ice on a lake at some distance from their location. It never moved. 

The next two times they saw the same creature in flight and it looked like it was the size of a small plane, but it flapped its wings like a Pterodactyl. 

The fourth sighting was in January of 2020 when the women were looking for eagles with binoculars and saw this creature flying so high they couldn't see it with the naked eye. 

The women don't want to disclose the exact location because they don't want any harm to come to the creature. One woman feels that it may be something supernatural. 


Margie Kay is a paranormal investigator living in Independence, Missouri. Contact her at

Friday, January 10, 2020

MothMan sighting in St. Louis in the summer of 2018

Michael R. reported today that he saw a gigantic bird-like creature with large wings and a human head flying over his rural property 50 miles west of St. Louis in the summer of 2018.

Many strange events have occurred at this location including UFO and humanoid/ET sightings by the witness. I've been to this site and found evidence of damages to trees that cannot be explained by experts, and other evidence of burning in the very tops of the trees. The witness has had multiple encounters here.

I'm adding this to the list of MothMan sightings. This makes sighting number 27 reported to date.

Margie Kay is an investigator and author.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Giant Bird Sighting in Blue Springs, MO Nov 2018

I received the following information via email on January 8, 2020, after posting an article: 

"Hi Margie Kay,

I live in Blue Springs and in Nov 2018 I saw a massive black winged creature swoop down out of a tree on Briarwood in Blue Springs, MO. It flew over my car for about 50 yards and disappeared. The wings were huge as they expanded well beyond the width of my car.  I never saw a face so I don’t know if it was humanoid in appearance but I’ve lived in Apple Valley for 20 years and that’s the first time I witnessed anything like that.

This happened on two consecutive Thursday nights at the same location in Nov 2018, which I thought was odd, why Thursday? There was no sound and while I didn’t feel threatened it was scary. The first time it happened I was on my way to play pool (billards) so it was between 6:25 - 6:35 pm as our league starts at 7pm and I had my grandkids in my suv with me. The next week it was the same time frame and I was on the phone with a friend.

I don’t know if that helps with your records but I’ve had that information for a while and had. I idea who to share it with. Hopefully, you find it helpful.

Kind regards,
Samantha Belvoir."


Margie Kay is a paranormal researcher with over 30 years experience living in Independence, Missouri. She is the author of Gateway to the Dead, The Kansas City UFO Flaps, Haunted Independence, and other books. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

39 Mothman/Giant Bird Reports in Missouri and Kansas

Gigantic bird or Mothman sightings are on the increase in Missouri and Kansas. To date, Quest Investigation Group has received 39 reports. Some reports were few and far between, but in 2019 we took at least 19 reports from witnesses who saw bird-like creatures with wing-spans of 10' to 36' and 2020 is starting out with a bang. 

Descriptions of these creatures include: 

It is possible that people are seeing the same type of creature, but call it by different names. Some people have asked if the creature being seen is the Mothman and if it is a portent of a coming disaster. Of course, we don't know the answer to that question, but people still remember the Point Pleasant bridge disaster in West Virginia in the 1960's and the Mothman sightings for several months prior to that event. Since there have been so many sightings in Missouri and Illinois and other states, with no disasters, I'd say it is safe to assume that it doesn't have anything to do with a portent of doom.  

Photo by Tony Degn
One man was able to capture a photo of one of these Mothman type beings in flight in 2014. It had the body of a man and gigantic black bat-like wings. Tony Degn was walking outside his home in Lee's Summit, Missouri when he noticed a helicopter flying and took some photos of a helicopter. When he looked at the photos later, he noticed a large humanoid type creature flying next to the helicopter. This is the only photograph by a witness that I've been able to obtain to date. 

In December of 2019, the same witness saw a humanoid creature with bat-like wings fly down near his vehicle, stare at him, then fly off. It seemed to have trouble keeping its heavy body airborne and struggled under the weight (see my prior article about this encounter).  
Close up 

Most of these giant bird reports come from the east Jackson county area near the Missouri River and other bodies of water, but one was in Overland Park, Kansas on a busy street, and three were near the Mississippi River (see the articles I posted prior to this one). Some of the witnesses who filed reports are known to me, so I know they are credible, however, as an investigator, I need proof, and to date, we have little evidence that these cryptid creatures exist. If I hadn't had my own sighting, I'd be skeptical. 

Reports taken by QUEST IG and other investigators: 
  • 1919: Camden, MO. A local radio producer reports that his 8th-grade teacher told him that when she was a child she and her family saw a gigantic bird circle them very close, scream at them, then fly off. 
  • 1955 (approx): Mothman? A man said that when he was a child he and his family were walking to church in a small town north of Kansas City when they heard something scream behind them. They turned around to see a gigantic black bird-like creature with bat-like featherless wings, a human head and a humanoid body. The creature screamed at them, then flew off towards a hilly area. (Reported to me in 2005 by a trusted friend) 
  • 1984:  Bat-Like Creature Sighted at Monkey Mountain near Blue Springs, MO (East of KC). A man and woman were hiking in the area at dusk and were shocked to see a 7' tall black humanoid creature standing next to a tree. It fluttered its wings but did not extend them. (See a previous article for details)
  • 1985: Pterosaur. St. Louis MO -  as reported by Jonathan David Witcomb in his book and blog "Live Pterosaurs in America," a witness and her father were at a family barbeque when they heard a horrific screech and looked up to see a real live Pterosaur that was the size of a small aircraft. The wings were line bat wings, and it had a long beak with razor-line white teeth. They got a good look at the creature because it was only about 50 feet above them.  See the full article here:
  • Early 1990's: Thunderbird, Maryville, Missouri.  From  A family saw a huge, monstrous dark gray bird apparently stuck in the mud with its wings flailing violently.  The witnesses said that the bird had a least a 20-foot wingspan. 
  • 1996: St. Louis, MO. Pterodactyl. A man and his brother and cousin were fishing in a river west of St. Louis, Missouri when they looked up to see a huge dark brown pterodactyl-like creature fly 300' overhead. They said it was gigantic and it never flapped its wings but seemed to be gliding on air currents. 
  • 2000: Kansas City, MO. A couple saw a gigantic black humanoid bird with a human face and a beak near Swope Park in Kansas City. 
  • 2000: Independence, MO. Frank K. from NE Independence, Missouri suddenly had an inexplicable feeling to look up, and when he did he saw a gigantic pterodactyl-like dark brown creature flying high overhead. It floated on the currents and never flapped its wings during the duration of the sighting which lasted for two to three minutes. 
  • 2004: St. Louis, Missouri:  As reported by Jonathan David Witcomb in his book and blog "Live Pterosaurs in America," "A man and his grandmother saw a large apparently smooth-skinned creature, on July 15, 2004, flying about a hundred feet above an Arby’s restaurant in St. Louis . . .  it did have the diamond-shaped tail end and its wings were at least 20 feet wide."
  • August 2005: Kansas City, MO. As reported by Ken Gerhard in his book "Encounters With Flying Humanoids," Investigator Lon Strickler reported that two sisters in the Swope Park area of Kansas City heard a loud noise and looked up to see a gigantic bird with a 12' -18' wingspan hopping from tree branch to tree branch. It had leathery skin and batlike wings, a curved beak, with dark eyes. The two women ran inside the house and one of them fainted. 
  • 2011: KC MO (continued from the above report) The same creature returned in the evening and made a sound like a dog being choked, then cavorted among the street lights. 
  • 2011: KC MO (continued from the above report) A cousin saw the same creature when he left their house one evening. It hopped behind the taillights of his car. It had gigantic wings and a fat body. 
  • May, 2011: Independence, MO. A woman and her two children saw a gigantic dark brown bird with a long tail and a puff at the end of it fly over their house in Independence, MO during the afternoon. It was the size of a small plane and made no sound. (Note: this is the only report I've received of its kind)
  • September, 2012: Independence, MO. Unknown Giant Bird. Three people were standing in a yard in Independence, Missouri during the day when they saw a very large black bird with a very large beak fly high overhead. They got one photo and tried to identify it comparing it to known birds, but could find nothing that matched. 
  • 2012: Lake Jacomo: A woman and her husband were driving near Lake Jacomo in the evening when they saw a black or dark 7' tall +  humanoid creature standing 25' feet from their vehicle. It appeared to have wings and a human-type male body. 
  • 2014: Lee's Summit, MO. Mothman: Tony Degn captured a photo of a humanoid creature with bat-like wings in Lee's Summit, MO. (see description above)
  • Nov. 2016: West Alton, MO. Mothman: A woman and her son saw a strange giant bird/man creature with legs on a river bank then watched it dive into the river as if it were catching fish. (See my article in this blog: Mothman Sighting in West Alton, MO in 2016) 1
  • November 2017: Salem, MO: Three giant bird sightings: Investigator Emmett Reary from Salem, Missouri said that he has had a number of giant bird sightings reported to him from the Dent County area.  Two witnesses saw birds with the wingspan of the house it flew over.  Several other witnesses east of Salem, MO saw a giant black bird that swept down on them while they were having a barbeque at dusk. 3
  • May 2018: Independence, MO. A woman left work one evening in Independence, MO and heard footsteps coming after her from behind, so she quickly jumped into her car. Gigantic black wings encircled her Dodge Charger and covered all the windows from the back forward, including the windshield, then it dissipated and disappeared. She thought it must have been something supernatural. 
  • May 2018: Independence, MO. My own sighting: I was outside on my side deck when movement caught my eye - I saw a gigantic set of dark grey wings approximately 25-30 feet in width and stretched out in the trees approximately 150 feet away. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I could see a central figure standing on a big branch. Something made a noise in a tree near me and I looked in that direction to see three smaller (24" tall) birds in the tree, then looked back at the large creature but it was no longer there. I can't explain it. 
  • Summer, 2018: West of St. Louis: Michael R. was driving near his rural property 50 miles west of St. Louis when he saw a giant winged creature with a human head flying on the highway in front of him. It was being chased and attacked by drones. (Video is being analyzed). This was reported in January of 2020. 
  • November 2018: Blue Springs, MO. A woman saw a gigantic black, winged creature swoop down over her car in Blue Springs, Missouri. Its wingspan was as big as the length of the car. 
  • July 29, 2019: Independence, MO. Giant Bird. A man by the name of Alex was driving on 291 Highway in Independence, Missouri on Monday at 5:00 pm when he noticed a very large bird circling high overhead. He pulled over to get a better look at the dark-colored creature because the size was so amazing. Alex said that it was similar to the shape of an Eagle, but way too large to be a bird of that type and that it must have been something else. He was unable to get a photograph. 291 Highway is located on the east side of Independence, Missouri and crosses the Missouri River. 
  • 2019: Overland Park, KS (near KCMO) Giant Bird. A woman and her husband were driving in Overland Park, Kansas when they saw a huge black bird with a 15' - 18' wingspan fly down to the ground and into some brush. The couple could not identify the type of bird and were unable to stop due to traffic. 
  • 2019: KC MO. Giant Bird. A man and his son were driving near the downtown airport (near the Missouri River) during the day when they noticed a large black bird with huge wings flying overhead. They stopped the car in a parking lot and got out to watch the creature floating on the air currents. They both thought it looked like a pterodactyl with a huge wingspan. It had no feathers and very large beak. 
  • June 20, 2019: Thunderbird? Sugar Creek, MO. Valerie H. saw a huge black bird with bat-like wings flying above a small aircraft over her house in Sugar Creek, MO near the Missouri River. It never flapped its wings or made a sound. She said that the creature was the size of the small-engine plane (approx 36' wingspan). It was flying too high to see details. Note: this location is the site of multiple UFO sightings.  
  • June 20, 2019: Blue Springs, MO. Huge Bird. Terri T. heard birds screeching outside her house in Blue Springs, Missouri and thought a hawk was after them. She ran outside and was astonished to see a huge unidentifiable black bird with a 10'-12' wingspan flying away. She could not identify the bird even though she is an outdoorswoman. The other birds kept squawking for a couple of minutes. 
  • November, 2019:Independence, MO. I saw a hawk-like creature with a normal wingspan fly down over my car, and swoop close over my windshield and hood. Oddly, it had a humming mechanical sound like a drone. I have no idea what it was. 
  • December 2019: Independence, MO. Mothman. Tony Degn saw a humanoid with gigantic bat-like wings fly towards his vehicle, stare at him, then fly away. (see above description)
  • December 31, 2019: Kansas City, Missouri. As she was driving north on Wornall Road in Kansas City, Missouri at 7:50 pm Marlene A. saw a gigantic dark flying bird that looked similar to a pterodactyl. It had a huge beak, long legs with feet, and a wingspan that would have been as wide as the street. The creature flapped its wings several times, then Marlene lost sight of it as she drove.
  • December 31, 2020 4:30 pm. Pat D. Saw an all black winged bird flying overhead as she drove on College at 119th Street in Overland Park, Kansas. The bird was at treetop level and it was gliding. Pat said that it did not flap its wings and that it looked similar to a raven except much larger. She could not estimate the size, except to say that it was the largest bird she's ever seen. 
  • January 2020: East Jackson County. Undisclosed lake area in Jackson County: R.H. and her sisters have seen a giant bird four times since 2016. The first time it was sitting out on the ice and never moved. The next two times they saw it in flight and it looked like it was the size of a small plane but it flapped its wings like a Pterodactyl. The fourth time was in January of 2020 when the women were looking for eagles with binoculars and saw what they think is the same creature flying so high they couldn't see it with the naked eye. 4
  • February 11, 2020: Sugar Creek, MO. Valerie H. saw a bird morph into a UFO and take off at incredible speed. See my article dated 2/16/2020 for more information.  

Note that the June 20, 2019 sightings occurred on the same day as a mass UFO sighting over Kansas City. Perhaps the two events are connected (See my earlier article about the sighting). During the Mothman scare in Point Pleasant, New Jersey people also saw UFOs, and some speculate that there is a relationship. One has to wonder if these humanoid flying creatures are in fact from Earth or elsewhere. 

In doing research I've found that there are many reports of humanoid flying creatures and gigantic birds in Kansas City and Chicago. What is it about these two cities that the creature is attracted to? Perhaps it is water, which both cities have plenty of, but there is something else to consider. Most of the sightings have occurred in the Chicago area over the years. It may be possible that there is a larger colony of these creatures in the Chicago area, and they followed the Illinois River to the Mississippi River and the St. Louis area, then followed the Missouri River to the Kansas City area. This is just speculation of course, but large creatures such as these would certainly need a water source. Food sources near and in the rivers would be abundant as well. 

If you've seen any type of cryptid please contact us at


Margie Kay is a paranormal researcher living in Independence, Missouri. She is the author of Gateway to the Dead, The Kansas City UFO Flap, Haunted Independence, The Sonoma County Phenomenon, and other books.